17th Annual Used Curriculum Sale

One of the most popular features of the annual conference is the used curriculum sale.The sale has LIMITED HOURS this year. Please share this information with everyone you know!


Friday, July 14 ONLY

12:00 - 1:00 Check In and Set Up
1:00 - 7:00 Shop
7:00 - Sale closes - pick up your stuff!


Pre-conference steps

  1. Put a sticker on each item with your name (or initials) and the price.
  2. Bring your stuff to the STM school cafeteria at 12:00 on Friday, July 14.
  3. Check-in with Robyn
    1. Sign in with your name, the initials you have on your books, and whether or not your prices are negotiable.
    2. Sign the release of liability stating you release Robyn and the conference from any unintentional loss of property.
  4. Place your items in a box/tub/bin labeled with your name or initials. Arrange your materials neatly and attractively on the tables provided. Placing them in boxes makes it easiest for people to shop and helps people return your things to the right place if they change their mind about an item.

Post-conference steps

  1. When the sale closes at 7:00 pm collect your unsold items from the cafeteria. If you will not be there at 7:00, please arrange for someone else to gather your items.
  2. Any books left behind after the sale closes will be taken and donated to Goodwill. This is a threat, not a promise. 🙂 There will be a $10 disposal fee deducted from your sales payout if you choose to take advantage of this service. We MUCH prefer that you take your items back at the end of the sale.
  3. If Robyn has enough cash, she will pay you for your sold items when you pick up your unsold items.
  4. If Robyn does not have enough cash, she will send you a check approximately 2 weeks after the conference.


  1. Bring your own bags.
  2. Robyn accepts cash or checks
  3. There is no “hold service” available. Please do not make and leave piles to come back to. This is not fair to other shoppers.
  4. If you change your mind about an item, please return it to the bin marked with the same name/initials as the sticker on the item.

This is your opportunity to get rid of all those books you do not use, that are hanging around in your house taking up space. Any kind of books are welcome.  If you have questions contact Robyn Lee at Robyn@TheLeeHome.org.

Why are we limiting hours this year? 

The used curriculum sale is such a huge hit that it can sometimes distract from the other amazing things going on at the conference. In the past, committed bargain hunters have been driven to stalk the sale knowing that amazing deals are continually showing up throughout the conference as people trickle in with their stuff. This year, everyone will have a one hour window to get their stuff there and set it up. And then everyone will have a 6 hour window to shop the sale.

We also want to ensure that our conference is successful for the vendors. Our vendors travel to our conference at great expense to their companies. The lure of bargains at the used curriculum sale can keep people from taking advantage of the opportunity to visit the vendor booths.  We have heard from attendees that you like having a variety of vendors. We want to keep them happy so they’ll keep coming back, and so we can attract new vendors in the future. We keep them happy by visiting their booths!