Conference Schedule

Friday, July 20

12:00 pm

Registration Opens, Used Curriculum Drop-off and Set-up

1:00 pm

Used Curriculum Sale Begins (open until 6:00 pm)

2:00 pm

Vendor Hall Opens (open until 7:00 pm)

3:00 pm

Breakout Sessions
Father Carl Wertin, Room 105
Fostering Vocations
Angela Urban & Clarice Burch, St. Francis Hall
A Peek Into the Perfectly Imperfect Life of Homeschooling Many

4:00 pm

Breakout Sessions
Helen Swavely, Room 105
Bringing Restful Learning to Your Homeschool Through the Insights of Charlotte Mason
Megan Fessaro, St. Francis Hall
What College Professors Are Saying About Your Homeschooler

5:00 pm

Dinner Break - Dinner on Your Own -
Door Prize Tickets Available in Vendor Hall
Vendor Sessions (See schedule here)

6:00 pm

Vendor Sessions (See schedule here)
Used Curriculum Sale Ends

7:00 pm

Keynote Speakers
Celebration in The Domestic Church, St. Francis Hall
Fr. John Ignatius, S.C.J. , Raising Saints
Michael Foley, How to Drink Like a Saint

Saturday, July 21

7:30 am

Daily Mass at St. Thomas More

8:00 am

Registration Opens
Vendor Hall Opens (Open until 5:00 pm)

9:00 am

Keynote Speaker
Leila Lawler, St. Francis Hall
The Family as the School of the Four Cardinal Virtues

10:30 am

Breakout Sessions
Monica Mayhak, Cafeteria
Special Needs
Leila Lawler, St. Francis Hall
Liturgical Living
Father Sam Morehead, Room 105
Nurturing the Spiritual Life

11:30 am

Lunch on your own
Vendor Sessions (See schedule here)

1:30 pm

Breakout Sessions
Phillip Campbell, Cafeteria
Closing the Modern History Gap
Brooke Speidel, Room 105
Pouring from a Full Cup: How to multiply your talents
Michael Foley, St. Francis Hall
The Catholic Origins to Everyday Things

2:30 pm

Breakout Sessions
Jessica McMaken, Cafeteria
Delight in the Early Grades: How to Inspire Your Child, Keep Your Sanity, and Still Meet your Academic Goals
Phillip Campbell, St. Francis Hall
Teaching History in the Narrative Style
Trevor Lontine, Room 105
Homeschooling With Freedom, For Freedom

4:00 pm

Anticipatory Mass at St. Thomas More

5:00 pm

Vendor Hall Closes
5:30 pm
Anticipatory Mass at St. Thomas More